How Many Chemicals? What? – A Natural Shaving Cream Alternative


After looking at the ingredients on a standard shaving cream bottle, it made me wonder why we put all these chemicals on our skin that leach into our body just to shave??

Palmitic acid, triethanolamine, isopentane, glyceryl oleate, stearic acid, isobutane, sorbitol, fragrance, hydroxyethylcellulose, peg-90m, ptfe, pefg-23m, propylene glycol, glyceryl acrylate copolymer, pvm/ma copolymer, green 3, blue 1

What? Really? I’m going to put all that on my body just to shave…

I did some research and development, and lo and behold nature has already provided us with a perfectly good shaving cream. It is called olive oil (coconut oil works as well) – nourishing and moisturizing to the skin, natural and not jam-packed with dozens of unnecessary chemicals.

You’ll need a new razor if possible because the olive oil tends to gum up the razor but it does work great. And now…not a chance I would ever use the factory chemical shaving cream ever again. Done, bye bye

How To Get Rid of Dry and Sensitive Skin

photo(3)A simple mixture of coconut oil or olive oil blended with essential oils is what I use whenever my skin becomes dry and irritated.

In a small jar (like empty baby food), fill with either olive oil or coconut oil and add 10-20 drops of essential oils. Mix together, then apply to your skin like a body cream. You should only have to use it sparingly as the coconut/olive oils are quite concentrated and better for your skin than pretty much anything you can buy at the pharmacy.

* Coconut oil is solid at room temperature, so you may need to gently heat it up in a warm water bath before you mix it with the essential oil*

**Keep the oils away from clothing as they can stain**

Some of the best essentials oils for this condition are:

Sandalwood (very expensive, but beautiful)





If you continually get dry skin, also please check to make sure you are hydrated and drinking enough water. Stay healthy!