Tulum Mexico Tourism Off The Power Grid


It came as no surprise to hear that Tulum, Mexico took the number one spot in Trip Advisor’s annual 2016 Top Destinations on the Rise list. Mexico has so much varied terrain, great weather and over 9000 kilometers of beautiful (warm) coastline, that there are probably dozens, if not hundreds of destinations in the country that could win this award.


What did surprise me though while I was researching Tulum is that many of the businesses in the area operate off the power grid. Tulum was up until recently a small fishing village without access to traditional city supplied power and water. Most, if not all of the hundred or so hotels that operate along the beach generate their own electricity with wind or sun. There are also no high rise, all-inclusive style resorts along this stretch of the beach.

To read more about sustainable tourism in Tulum and the use of solar energy throughout the country of Mexico seeĀ  Mexico’s solar boom on solarenergy.net

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